Every year many newcomers appear and try to attack the market equipped with a pick and shovel and a little bit of info. Sometimes even with some machinery. Many of them disappear the same year or so and leave a bad name / reputation to the trade without forgetting burn and disappointed owners with sometimes unsolved or bigger problems then what they bargain for . Some of them will try honestly BUT some others are simply crooks .(shark). It is important to know the ABC's of waterproofing, but it is even more important to have the background and experience that goes with it. Here are some examples that we have been called to fix previous attempted by other contractors.

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No less important are the reputation / (BBB or other) Protection (insurance, liability) Permits licenses certificate, proper locates, WSIB worker compensation, competent worker with work ethics, the list goes on but will stop here for now.

Some for your consideration * in some occasion unforeseen obstacle can be revealed later thru the work procedures


Additional costs are sometimes necessary BUT should never be a golden opportunity for contractors to take advantage of vulnerable customers. We will have the know-how to address any situation and will discuss your option (often discarded for minor unforeseen obstacle or problem) .We will provide you a precise and complete estimate including explanation of procedure and will accomplish it within the time frame discussed * We will include removal of any extra soil compare to most competitors Not doing so could result in a lot of excess soil and many head hicks.

*Protection of your property or your neighbors is a standard procedure of our part.


We never leave an unfinished project before starting another one. Customer satisfaction and perfect reputation is the motivation of this company.

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