First thing to know is; * That Often called inside waterproofing in the Niagara Region by many but is actually NOT from the definition point of view, Yes it will stop the water from collecting on your basement floor but the idea behind it is to redirect the path of that water under the floor into new weeping system and then into a sump pit, convenient in some cases to consider this approach when needed or more practical. Some waterproofing product are on the market and promises long warranty but it is only a question of time before negative pressure push its way thru the foundation walls (pressure coming from the outside ground). Other time we use inside trenching to capture the hydrostatic pressure under the floor and again redirected in the sump pit.



We always recommend using the OUTSIDE waterproofing method when possible, stopping the problem at the source and contrary to popular believes it is often similar in price. Call us today for a free estimate.


The word waterproofing is widely use but only a hand full of contractors delivers the goods, which means a protection that can resist hydrostatic pressure by itself ! We at wet and humid no more ltd apply a seamless rubbery jacket to your foundation that is capable of expansion close to 5 000 % without breakage and is one of the best product on the market today, approved by CCMC it will fit any imperfection and cover your entire wall.

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Combine with a Membrane installation also top of the line material proven superior after comparison testing, new weeping system install / replace where excavated and proper amount of filtering stone finally we provide a 25 years written warranty when all done and approved by our professional.

We have multiple solutions for your buckled wall, crack concrete, sinking foundation or any basement foundation problems, many different foundation problems with their many different solution, fix and repair method. Individual assessment is a must to address the proper correction to your unique problem . Call our professional team for a free assessment.

Video camera inspection comes with our latest system that will provide you a clear and precise visual inspection and understanding on your underground piping system either plumbing or weeping where you will have the LIVE view on site and you'll receive the DVD for future reference.

Drainage and Sump Pump Installation


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